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ERP For Universities

Modules Covered

  • Admission Counseling & Follow up
  • Provisional Admission
  • Student Registration
  • Fee Management
  • SMS Gateway for Due Fee Alerts
  • Transport Management
  • Academic Calendar Planner
  • Attendance Management
  • Attendance with RFID & Smart Card integration
  • Training & Placement Management
  • SMS Gateway for Attendance Shortage
  • Alerts to Parents/Students
  • Front Office Management
  • SMS Gateway for General Messaging
  • Address Book
  • Phone Register
  • TC Generator
  • I-Card Generator
  • Media Management
  • Scheduler & Reminder
  • Event & Activities
  • HR Management
  • Exam & Results
  • Library & Book Bank
  • Time Table
  • E-Library
  • Hostel & Mess Management
  • Stock/Store Management
  • Staff Payroll Management
  • Back Office File Management
  • Teacher Evaluation System
  • Security / Gate Pass Manager
  • Employee Daily Report Register
  • Accounts Management
  • User Specific Security Management
  • SMS Gateway for General Messaging to all Students and Staff
  • E-Mail Broadcaster integrated with all Modules
  • Assignment Sharing
  • Student Login (IFW EduCamp)
  • Faculty Login (IFW EduCamp)
  • Parents Login (IFW EduCamp)
  • Admin Login (IFW EduCamp)

IFW EduTech (ERP Solution for Operational User Logins)

IFW EduTech

IFW EduTech introduces a complete decision support system integrating all the departments of the institute with an interconnected modular approach. The modules are ready to use for various departments of the institute and give the freedom to the user to access the essence of the system with proper inter modular data exchange and data sharing on behalf of control of the administrative bird eye.

To provide a paperless and fully/centrally computerized campus environment is the vision with which IFW EduTech has been made.

IFW EduCamp (Web / Browser Based Panel for Student, Faculty & Administrative Logins)

IFW EduTech

IFW EduCamp is intranet/internet based web application which helps students, faculty & administrative staff to use the data of IFW EduTech, access relevant reports and handle day to day processes. It lets the users to interact with basic operation & information of IFW EduTech as it is an inherited web tool for IFW EduTech. IFW EduCamp is a Browser based Application and needs no standalone installation.

E-Library (Plug-In With "IFW Campus ERP" Features & Introduction)

IFW EduTech

This module provides you an online platform to give the students shortlisted and verified digital content in the forms of Word or Excel Documents, PDF Files, Videos, Post Articles etc. for various topics and courses running in your University / College. The students will be able to get access to a world of knowledge by accessing not only the content for the courses in which they are enrolled but also for other courses in the University /College. Now Faculty can share with the students documents and notes made by them and also that they want the students to see from the best content available online from anywhere in the world. You can give your students content from IITs, MITs etc. also which is freely available online. We hope that you have a great experience using this facility with your students.

Features for Students

  • Search any content like search engine.
  • View the content, can download the content (ebook, docs etc.)
  • View the embedded videos from YouTube etc.
  • Can comment on the content (confirmation can be applied for public view).
  • Can rate the content.
  • Can like the content.
  • Can report abuse about the content to the admin and on the comments by other students/users.
  • Can add the new content ( items) if have permission (confirmation will be required for public view).

Features For admin

  • All features of student.
  • Can add new contents with different categories specified (docs, eBooks, images, other files).
  • Can write articles, embed videos, share online links etc.
  • Can manage user permissions for read only rights.
  • Can manage library settings for user rights, upload and download limits.
  • Can confirm/remove pending comments & pending items posted by students.
  • Can review user activities, item statistics, categories status, and content contributors.

Online Exam (Plug-In With IFW Campus ERP, Features & Introduction)

IFW EduTech

Creation of Question Bank and Questions Papers and conducting online exams for your students can now be done easily by the Online Exam Plug-in module of IFW Campus ERP. You can also use this for conducting Online Entrance Tests for your college.

The following are some of the features:

Student Login

  • Practice Test (with Solutions)
  • Time bound Tests
  • Live Exams (Paper Set Wise, Section wise, Random Questions)
  • Result Analysis
  • LIVE Result Declaration with Student rank and performance analysis

Employee Login/Exam Incharge Login

  • Create Exams
  • Create Papers
  • Result Analysis
  • Progress Charts
  • Manage Students / Candidates
  • Manage Paper Templates
  • Managing Questions (Subject Wise, Difficulty wise, Multiple Choice, Single Choice etc.)
  • Manage Question Bank

Other Features

  • Entrance Test can be taken for New Students
  • Attractive User Interface
  • Questions can have text, images, videos, mathematics equations also.
  • This will be an integrated Application with IFW EduCamp and students and employees will be directly fetched from it.

IFW EduCamp on Distance (For Universities running Distance Education Programs)

IFW EduTech

All the students of the University enrolled in Distance Education will get a unique login from where they can check the details of courses, exams, fees and details from University. This login will be the main point of communication between the Student and University. Also, here the University can manage all its Centers and corresponding transactions related to student enrollments, conducting exams etc. This saves a lot of expenses on couriers and telephonic communications and makes the decision making smooth and fast.