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Integreated Hi-Tech Devices with IFW Campus ERP
Hi-Tech Integrations

Bar Code Scanner :

Bar Code Scanners are used with IFW Campus ERP at locations like library for scanning bar codes on books, scanning student information at fee counter, taking mess attendance/ entrance, main gate for student / staff attendance etc.

Biometric Machines :

With the use of Biometric Technology, attandance can be taken into the IFW Campus ERP with a touch of a fingure. So, even without an Smart Card or Bar Coded Card by using Biometric Machines attandance day in and day out can be maintained.

RFID Machines :

RFID stands for Radio-Frequency IDentification. The acronym refers to small electronic devices that consist of a small chip on the RFID Card. The RFID device serves the same purpose as a bar code or a magnetic strip on the back of a credit card or ATM card; it provides a unique identifier for that object. And, just as a bar code or magnetic strip must be scanned to get the information, the RFID device must be scanned to retrieve the identifying information.

RFID Technology makes it easy to capture the attendance and other info of the students or staff in a fraction of second. The RFID Card serves the purpose of a ID Card also as it carries the Photo and other information of the card holder.

Time & Attendance Machines :

Personnel Tracking Machines are used to keep track of personnel activities including time worked, security clearance, permissions, staff & student identity verification, and more. Time Clocks attached with these machines keep track of time worked by employees via digital, mechanical or proximity technology. Systems are available for managing a few or many hundreds of staff/students using Biometric Machines by fingure or thumb m or highly productive computer controlled swipe card systems.

Bar Coded I-Cards/Library Cards :

There are 3 components that make up a Barcode card based Time and Attendance system/ Library Book Issues/Return system in IFW EduTech. First, barcode readers are used to allow employees/students to make quick and accurate time transactions. Second, data taken from these devices needs to be managed and stored by PCs connected with them into IFW EduTech. Third, management of the time transactions, payroll generation, Library transactions etc. are done by the different modules of IFW Campus ERP to give the user smart reports and analysis. Bar Code based Cards can be printed inhouse by the campus easily and immediately any time. So, it saves a lot of time and per card cost.

Smart Cards :

A smart card is a plastic card with a small, built in microcomputer chip and integrated circuit that can store and prrocess data. It is considered to be a secure, time saving device that can access information without use of a PC or RFID Scanner. The per card cost and Scanner cost is higher for smart cards systems then Bar Code based systems. IFW EduTech ERP provides integration with both Smart Cards and Bar Codes.

Rapid Access Terminals:

Rapid access Touch Scree terminals can be deployed in Library for Book Serching, Staff Rooms for Staff informations like Daily Time Table, Students common area for student's general information and reception for showing a college's details of Courses, Infrastructure, Facilities and Features to visitors.

PDA (Personal digital assistant):

A personal digital assistant (PDA) is a handheld computer, also known as a palmtop computer. This can be used by the Staff for taking direct and live classwise attendance in classrooms. Also these devices can be used by the staff to access the ERP from anywhere in the Campus.

SMS Gateway :

IFW EduTech is fully integrated with SMS Gateway facility via web. Specific SMS Alerts can be sent to Parents, Faculty, Students and others from the ERP. Example : Fee Deposition, Student's Regular Absentism etc.

E-Mail Broadcaster :

IFW EduTech comes with an E-Mail Broadcaster Tool to emails Messages, Reports, Alerts to Parents, Faculty, Students and others from the ERP. This helps the management to make sure all the concerned people are well informed in advance always.

Payment Gateway:

IFW EduCamp & EduTrack gives the feature to the parents and students to deposite fees online through Credit / Debit Cards directly from anywhere in the world.