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Addon Solutions with ERP

Online Admission Management


Gone are the days when a student used to fill a handwritten form and submit it to a college and after getting his name into the admission list, deposit the fee. These days the admission forms are submitted online on the website of Colleges/ Universities and online fee payment for admission is done by a student. Our Online Admission Management process helps your institution to manage effectively and quickly this process. Also, this information of the forms can be directly pulled into your IFW Campus ERP so that you do not have to do any repeat entries for the same.

​You can see some samples of this on

Scope of Work
  • A 5 STEP Online Admission process in your website.
  • This process will run on a sub domain on your current website.
  • Here all courses and admission form / prospectus fees will be predefined from admin panel so that the students will be able to directly pay the online fee for it.
  • This 5 SETP system helps you to keep on saving the data of the candidate in parts, so even if they don't complete the entry in one shot they can do it easily in parts. If we give the complete form together that collection of all data together becomes difficult.
  • In admin, you will get facility to manage the admission / form fees for all courses. So. it will be dynamic.
  • We can connect an Online Payment Gateway also in the last step for direct money collection. Payment Gateway will be provided to us by Client only. We will do its integration process.
  • In admin your can manage the forms, approve them, reject them, filter the course wise forms etc.

Many of the Universities/Colleges have such system if they have so many courses like yours. This will increase your possibilities of increase in sales of admission forms and also in no. of admissions.

Alumni Portal


Every student loves to stay connected to his or her alma mater institution in some way or the other. Today, managing communication online between the institution and alumni students can be done very effectively by our online alumni portal. Now the alumni can get all information of their fellow batch mates and also can organize reunions and give back to their institution in terms of placement and other help.

Logo + Creative Branding
  • Login:
    • Alumni Login/ Sign-up
  • Sign-up:
    • Alumni:
      • Name (As appears in college marks-sheet)
      • Year of graduation (drop down menu)
      • Branch (Drop down menu)
      • Designation
      • Company
      • Location (First Select country, then state/ union territory, and city/ other)
      • Optional fields to add family/spouse details
    • Student Registration (4th Year student can become member)
    • Side Advertisements on Website.
  • Announcements
  • News and event
  • Present Executive Committee
    About Us (Static Pages):
  • TEAM objectives
  • Registration
  • Memorandum
  • Official instagram, facebook group and twitter links
    Alumni search: for only registered alumni:
  • Search Alumni by their name
  • Advanced Search: Alumni profile by combination of :
    • Any two: Name, branch, batch or all three.
    • Other search option:
      • Alumni search by location (Drop-down menu)
      • Alumni search by company
    Career Forum:
  • Alumni can post job
  • Old jobs will automatically go into archives(give end date of live publishing in job posting form so that they are only visible till that date)
  • Information about old and upcoming reunions. Registration link for upcoming reunions.
    Alumni Blog:
  • General blogging option(give dropdown menu for category of blog)
  • Old blogs will automatically go into archives
    Giving Back:
  • One time Donations
  • Regular Scholarship Awards
  • Lecture/ talk
    Photo gallery
    Contact Us:
  • Feedback (standardized form)
  • Official instagram, facebook group and twitter links
Special features desired:
  • SMS facility by admin to all Alumni.
  • Automatic E-mail to alumni on their Birthday/Anniversary.
  • Flexibility to alumni to create groups/ chapters with a single moderator.
  • Dynamic report generation in excel/ pdf format by Admin
    • By batch wise
    • By location wise
    • By company wise
Additional Integrations
  • SMS Integration
  • Bulk Email Solution
  • Payment Gateways

E-Library (Plug-In With "IFW Campus ERP" Features & Introduction)

IFW EduTech

This module provides you an online platform to give the students shortlisted and verified digital content in the forms of Word or Excel Documents, PDF Files, Videos, Post Articles etc. for various topics and courses running in your University / College. The students will be able to get access to a world of knowledge by accessing not only the content for the courses in which they are enrolled but also for other courses in the University /College. Now Faculty can share with the students documents and notes made by them and also that they want the students to see from the best content available online from anywhere in the world. You can give your students content from IITs, MITs etc. also which is freely available online. We hope that you have a great experience using this facility with your students.

Features for Students

  • Search any content like search engine.
  • View the content, can download the content (ebook, docs etc.)
  • View the embedded videos from YouTube etc.
  • Can comment on the content (confirmation can be applied for public view).
  • Can rate the content.
  • Can like the content.
  • Can report abuse about the content to the admin and on the comments by other students/users.
  • Can add the new content ( items) if have permission (confirmation will be required for public view).

Features For admin

  • All features of student.
  • Can add new contents with different categories specified (docs, eBooks, images, other files).
  • Can write articles, embed videos, share online links etc.
  • Can manage user permissions for read only rights.
  • Can manage library settings for user rights, upload and download limits.
  • Can confirm/remove pending comments & pending items posted by students.
  • Can review user activities, item statistics, categories status, and content contributors.

Online Exam (Plug-In With IFW Campus ERP, Features & Introduction)

IFW EduTech

Creation of Question Bank and Questions Papers and conducting online exams for your students can now be done easily by the Online Exam Plug-in module of IFW Campus ERP. You can also use this for conducting Online Entrance Tests for your college.

The following are some of the features:

Student Login

  • Practice Test (with Solutions)
  • Time bound Tests
  • Live Exams (Paper Set Wise, Section wise, Random Questions)
  • Result Analysis
  • LIVE Result Declaration with Student rank and performance analysis

Employee Login/Exam Incharge Login

  • Create Exams
  • Create Papers
  • Result Analysis
  • Progress Charts
  • Manage Students / Candidates
  • Manage Paper Templates
  • Managing Questions (Subject Wise, Difficulty wise, Multiple Choice, Single Choice etc.)
  • Manage Question Bank

Other Features

  • Entrance Test can be taken for New Students
  • Attractive User Interface
  • Questions can have text, images, videos, mathematics equations also.
  • This will be an integrated Application with IFW EduCamp and students and employees will be directly fetched from it.

Mobile App


Download Now

If your College/University interested in mobility solutions for its students and staff. This initiative will not only help in engaging the constituents (students & staff) with the institution, it will also help the college/school to be seen as an innovator and early adopter of technology. This will improve its brand value amongst its peers and the larger education community within the state/country.

Objectives & Features
For Students :

    The objective of IFW is to provide an APP for students by the brand name of EduApp, through which they shall be able to:

  • Access a 360° view of their profile.
  • Access the news and events published by the College/ School.
  • Access FAQs / important updates published by the College/School.
  • Access Attendance & Exam Marks Reports.
  • Access Library Books, Reserve Books.
  • Access Live Time Table.
  • Access Photo Gallery, News, Downloads.
  • Access Fees Reports, Dues and Deposit Confirmations.
  • Submit Feedback/ Request.

For Staff :

    The staff shall also have an access to the information via Mobile platform EduApp to engage with the students by:

  • Access 360° view of the student profile.
  • Post news feeds and upload documents etc. for students.
  • Publish FAQs / important updates for other Staff Members and Students.
  • Dashboards to track and monitor the progress of students.
  • Access Attendance & Exam Marks Reports.
  • Access Library Books, Reserve Books.
  • Access Live Time Table.
  • Access Photo Gallery, News, Downloads.
  • Can apply Leave, Sanction / Approve Leaves for other staff members.
  • Submit Feedback/ Request.

For Parents :

    Not only the Students and Staff but also the parents can have their login into the EduApp. Parents can keep themselves updated as they will get the following:

  • Access a 360° view of their child’s profile.
  • Access the news and events published by the College/ School.
  • Access FAQs / important updates published by the College/School.
  • Access Attendance & Exam Marks Reports.
  • Access Live Time Table.
  • Access Photo Gallery, News, Downloads.
  • Access Fees Reports, Dues and Deposit Confirmations.
  • Submit Feedback/ Request.
Hosting Models

The mobile application can be hosted in following model in College / University. In-House Hosting- Hosted within the college premise. This will be a Private Cloud Hosting - Private cloud infrastructure like Server/ Network provided and maintained by Client.

ERP Integration

EduApp Mobile Application will be integrated with your ERP of IFW Campus ERP.