5 Frequently Asked Questions by Colleges/ Universities to us for "IFW Campus ERP"

5 Frequently Asked Questions by Colleges/ Universities to us for "IFW Campus ERP"

Q1: What is your methodology for providing training to our staff members?
A1: First of all we make the staff believe that they are already experts of the departments they are handling and responsibilities they have in your organization, the ERP is just to help them in making work faster and quicker. We make them realize the advantages of the ERP for them and then provide them hands on training on their own real data of the College. When they see results coming up on their screens in seconds for which they had to work for hours and sometimes days, they really love it. Also, enough resource material is shared with the staff members like Text Help, Instructions, Self-Guided working process,  Video Tutorials etc. to get the maximum advantage in quick learning. We truly believe that the best products are the ones with which the user does not need any training or manual.

Q2: How do you handle the GAPs and Customization requirements that we have?
A2 : We at "IFW Campus ERP 2.0" have a very clear policy when it comes to GAP Analysis and Customizations. Any update or requirement from your side, like a new module requirement or a very unique requirement which is not a part of the ERP then we charge extra as per the nature of work, time and efforts involved in it. We have to also take utmost care that your requirements / GAPs / Customization demands should be suitable enough to be managed by us in the basic architecture of the ERP and should enhance the quality and features of the ERP for you as well as our other clients. If they do not meet this criterion then we will not be able to accommodate them.

Q3: How quickly can you finish the implementation at our Campus and make all modules LIVE?
A3: With our experience in Colleges and Universities, we can say that with our speed we can do implementations at the speed of 1000 students per month formula. Eg. if a college has 1000 students, implementation will might take 1 month and if the college has 5000 students, implementation will take 5 months. Mostly it depends on the motivation levels of the staff in your campus and excitement generated by college or University management and our team in them for ERP. The implementation timeline also depends on how fast you can get your data updated in the ERP. If you are already using any ERP or software then data migration can help in faster implementation, if your data is ready in proper digital formats then also it can be migrated. Implementation time also depends on how many modules you have chosen for implementation. We guarantee our full cooperation for the fastest implementations to give you maximum ROI but we cannot guarantee any timelines for it. It's like we can give you a CAR and provide you servicing, after sales support and all other support but we cannot tell you how to drive and how much to drive etc.

Q4: In which states of India do you have your presence ? Can you do implementations outside India?
A4: "IFW Campus ERP" has its presence in Rajasthan, Gujarat, MP, UP, Maharashtra, Haryana, Punjab, Delhi NCR & Tamil Nadu region at present. Very soon we will be expanding our reach in all other Indian States also. We do have plans to go International soon, as we have adopted many of the features and modules in our ERP on the lines of various other Educational ERPs being used across the world in many top Colleges and Universities. We continuously research and identify latest trends internationally in this sector and improve our product accordingly.

Q5: Are you open to 3rd party integrations with your ERP?
A5: Yes, IFW Campus ERP 2.0 provides free integrations in your College and University with Bar Code Scanners, Biometric Machines, RFID Machines, Time & Attendance Machines, Bar Coded I-Cards, Library Cards, Smart Cards, Rapid Access Terminals, LED Screens, SMS Gateway, E-Mail Broadcaster, Payment Gateway etc. 

If you have any more questions, please feel free to add them in the comments below. We would love to reply them immediately. Thanks for reading this page.

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