5 Things that makes a campus an Ideal University or College Campus ?

5 Things that makes a campus an Ideal University or College Campus ?

No. 1 - Campus Culture

Culture is a very broad term. Culture encompasses values and behaviours that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of your College or University campus. Culture includes an institute’s expectations, experiences, philosophy, as well as the values that guide everyone's behaviour, and is expressed in everyone's self-image, inner workings, interactions with the outside world, and future expectations. Culture is based on shared attitudes, beliefs, customs, and written and unwritten rules that have been developed over time and are considered valid. Culture of your

institute should imbibe a sense of pride in all staff, students and their parents in being a part of your institution. This culture will help to make your brand strong and enhance your good will.

No. 2 - Attitude and Behaviour of the Staff & Students  

The Smile, Way of Walking, Way of Talking, Way of Greeting each other etc. is not just a part of basic human etiquettes that should be followed by your Staff and Students in the Campus. They are the basics that show the attitudes, behaviour,  warmth in relations and respect for each other in the campus. Attitudes of your students are also formed by giving them positive motivation from time to time. You should have a mechanism to identify on a regular basis that who are the students on which you need to focus more and more towards improving the attitude and behaviour. Handling Negative Attitudes and controlling any kind of misbehaviour in the campus should be given very high priority at various levels.

No. 3 - Discipline              

This is that one quality which your every student should have. If you have taught Discipline to your Students then you have covered their 50% life syllabus. Discipline towards life style, studies, habits, relationships, carrier etc. is something the student learns in a College and University Campus environment more than from anywhere else. In this sensitive age bracket if they have learned how to be disciplined about everything, they will be surely successful in life. Disciplinary actions should also be taken with care and warnings with caution. You should maintain record of your disciplinary actions taken on each student. Apart from Students; discipline, consistency, punctuality and time to time performance analysis etc. of your Staff is also equally important. You should be able to measure that too on different academic and non academic performance indicators.

No. 4 - Automation and Centralization of Resources       

If it takes months for any alumni to get his caution money back or to get a duplicate copy of his mark sheet or degree then there is severely something very wrong in your campus. If a student cannot get a new I-Card issued to him in case of a lost card in a week or a temporary card on the same day then things need to be checked in campus. These are some of the few examples by which you can make out how well organized everything is in the campus. To help you manage all such cases with ease you have to do proper Automation and Centralization of all your Resources. A good ERP implementation can help you will this.

No. 5 - The Achievements, Results and Placements of the Students

Last and definitely not the least is the performance of your students in Academics and other Co-Curricular activities that makes your campus truly an ideal one. Your Results, Student Achievements and successful placements will bring you all the awards and accolades to prove the world everything. All the above mentioned points will help you attract best of the companies from all over the country and abroad to your campus doorsteps for recruitments of your students.

If you have noticed, we have not mentioned huge buildings, green campus, state of the art Hi-tech investments etc. here. We know the importance of a good infrastructure in the campus but we should not benchmark our campuses only on this. These things are more important for corporate offices or Hotels, not for College or Universities. If your educational institution is able to follow all the prescribed guidelines of UGC / AICETE or your State Boards, then that is good enough. Your students after passing out will value the above 5 things more than your infrastructure.

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