Effective Admission Management in your College and University

Effective Admission Management in your College and University

Every year lot of student takes admissions in various colleges for their higher educational needs. Admission season from a college management’s perspective is a vital period to grow the institution. The admission process involves marketing, promotion, inquiry generation, follow-ups, conversion etc. Such Admission process requires a large amount of data to be stored and managed effectively. IFW Campus ERP 2.0 can drastically simplify the admission process.

Let us explain you how?

  • Keeping track of inquiries from students for admissions under different marketing campaigns and keeping track of conversions of inquires into students. The functionalities covered include Inquiry generation, Campaign tracking, follow ups, Student conversions. This increases the effectiveness of various marketing campaigns and over a period of time improves student conversion rates from inquiries.
  • Managing sale & purchase of admission forms up to accounts level is a unique feature provided in IFW Campus ERP 2.0. Bulk prospectus & admission forms sales can also be managed in the ERP very easily.
  • Effective management of media promotions during admission season is very important. IFW Campus ERP 2.0 helps in managing & planning the media strategy with optimum utilization of monetary & human resource.
  • IFW Campus ERP 2.0 helps you simplify records management. With a single system for all your data needs—and a single digital record for each student—any department on campus can find the student information they need. Feature of application id where we can attach the documents and there all the applications which have been submitted to the management can be kept as a track record.

Features and Ways in which “IFW Campus ERP” helps in Admissions

  • Website Inquiry Management in ERP: These days most of the Students make online inquiries for admission via your website. We help you to pull all these inquiries in ERP so that your Counselors can use this data effectively.
  • SMS Marketing: SMS and WhatsApp is used aggressively for Marketing. We provide you direct integration in ERP for SMS sending to your inquiries.
  • Email Marketing: Proper Collection of Emails of prospective students and parents will help you not only send them your college’s details but also help you to target them for your Digital Marketing Campaigns.
  • Tele Marketing: At the time of admission season you have a lot of counselors and telecallers doing Tele-Marketing for your college / University. All details that are discussed on Phone and status of all communications and management of its follow-ups can be maintained effectively in ERP.
  • Address Labels: We give you easy way for Sending Promotional Material to Students to Prospective Students or there parents by printing facility of Address Labels.
  • Conversion Reports: We generate Region Wise, Gender Wise, Cast /Category Wise etc. reports by which you can evaluate your inquiries and its conversion in admission process. Also, you can make effective promotional strategies on the basis of these reports. You can also find out that which more of advertising is working for you and which not.
  • Consultant Management: In the current times where a lot of students seek admission in different parts of the country, admission consultants play a very big role in filling the seats in your college. IFW Campus ERP 2.0 provides you a complete solution for managing the communication and conversion etc. with your consultants.
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