How A College or University Saves MONEY With ERP?

How A College or University Saves MONEY With ERP?
  • Cost Saving on Pre printed Stationary 
    Every year College used to get a lot of things printed for day to day operational work like student fees, staff salary slips, staff leave forms, student application formats, Student Certificates etc. Many a times the printed materials used to get wasted due to change of formats in mid session etc. A lot of money and paper was wasted in this. After the implementation of "IFW Campus ERP" all this wastage stopped completely.

  • Single ERP Solutions, no need of multiple softwares 
    The College was few years ago using a Library Management Solution, a separate Accounting Software and also a separate software for Timetable management. Needless to say they were paying separately for all these softwares and all of them had different vendors and databases. They used to manage the data-backup and installation of those softwares seperately and also had to enter the data of students and staff etc. in each of them separately without any kind of integration between them. After getting "IFW Campus ERP" implemented in the campus now they have a single solution with a single and centralized database. They are paying less than before and are now able to automate all the departments on one platform.

  • Less Man Power and Man Hours required for Day to Day Work, College becomes system oriented rather than person oriented
  • Since all the staff members are working with respective modules in the ERP all the data is in an integrated format. Any one can check the data corresponding to the other departments if they have the required permissions for it. So, no employee has to wait for update/ report from other departments to complete his or her task. For Example : If a parent has come to meet the Principal of the College for some complain or matter in concern of the Student then the principal has to take update from all the departments and concerned faculty members, this will take a lot of time and even then the analysis of the overall performance of the Student will not be possible to get in a whole day. With "IFW Campus ERP", the Principal can check the complete status of the student in the college like his fee status, library status, current or past exam marks, his discipline report, his attendance, details related to Hostel or Transport etc. with just a single click. And most importantly the Principal does not have to talk to any staff member for this. This gives the Principals, Directors and HODs a powerful mechanism for quick and accurate decision making.

  • More Time Saving for Employees and Management
    After implementing "IFW Campus ERP" more and more time was invested by the Employees and College Management in increasing the Academic activities and Improvement of the Students, this gave the College Students fantastic Placements and increased admission scenario. Also, there was no data redundancy and data duplication in multiple departments and this made all records of all departments very accurate. The College Management was able to plan and better forecast the finances of the College and also track the performance of staff organically.

  • College on ERP = Hi - Tech Campus = Great Brand Image
    When the Students and Staff get updates on SMS, when the Parents get SMS and E-Mails from the College on there Child's performance regularly, this says a lot about the quality of College Administration and way of working. When all departments can give the required details and data to AICTE, State University, Government Bodies, Top Management of the College/Society with a single click of a button, this says a lot about the quality of College Administration and way of working. Needless to say a Hi-Tech Campus in true sense is the one who can do this all and save cost and time for them selves and give more to the Students for whom the College came into existence in the first place.
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