Your Academic Work Submissions

The way Homework and Assignments are given and received have changed these days especially in the higher education segment.

You can assign assignments online and students can download them or receive them and even submit them online. The faculty can check, evaluate, mark them, remark them etc. too. This makes the process more interactive and easy to manage. Also, auto reminders to students for submission dates makes sure that they do not forget it and do them effectively. These kinds of information are also shared on E-mails, SMS and notifications.

IFW Campus ERP

Module Highlights

  • Faculty can Upload and Students can Download Assignments.
  • Faculty can give marks on submitted Assignments.
  • Assignments Marks can be fetched into main Exams or Sectionals etc. too.
  • Online Assignment management saves time and prompts the students to submit them and avoid delays.
IFW Campus ERP