Why Print, Just Share

Many institutions have a regular Newsletter or Campus Magazine which is published periodically and distributed.

Many institutions have regular newsletter or campus magazines which are published periodically and distributed. These Newsletters or Magazines are a collection and showcase of activities and content from all members of the institution. But we at IFW ERP brings to you a better option i.e. E-Newsletter Software/Module in IFW ERP. The E-Newsletter Software/Module will help you to keep the electronic format of these newsletters and magazines in an organized way and also in an easy to read mode on mobiles, laptops, desktops, tablets etc.

Module Highlights

  • E-Newsletter Software/Module are a great way of providing a platform to staff and students to express their creativity and also to sum up the events and activities of the institution.
  • E-Newsletter Software/Module in the IFW ERP can be uploaded as an E-Book with book page flip option for the reader.
  • E-Newsletters can also be directly downloaded through E-Newsletter Software/Module in the IFW ERP after downloading users can read them later in their free time.
  • E-Newsletter Software/Module is a great way to increase more and more readers of your newsletters without incurring the cost of printing and courier charges.
IFW Campus ERP

How It's Helpful

  • E-Newsletter Software/Module in IFW ERP provides a platform to upload your newsletters or campus magazines in Campus ERP software.
  • These E-Newsletters are visible to concerned Students, Employee, and Parents.
  • Using E-Newsletter Software/Module in IFW ERP, colleges and universities can keep a record of all their newsletters & magazines in ERP.

USPs of E-Newsletter Module In IFW ERP

  • The E-Newsletter Software/Module in IFW ERP is designed to share, newsletters and campus magazines, with students, parents and employees, through ERP.
  • This digital process directly cuts your printing cost and helps in using technology which leads to less usage of natural resources.
  • By uploading E-newsletters in Campus ERP, you can keep them in records forever with you.

To conclude, IFW ERP is the best College ERP and University ERP system you will ever find for your college or university. We have highly qualified and expert developers in our company who work relentlessly to provide you with the best services possible. We ensure you that this College ERP software and University ERP software will resolve all your problems that too digitally without a lot of personal efforts.

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