Distance Learning

For the Modern Day Ekalavya

IFW ERP comes with a complete Distance Learning Software. All the students enrolled in Distance Education in any university will get a unique login for the Distance Learning Software from where they can check all details of courses such as information about exams, fees and other essential details from University.

This Distance Learning Software login will be the main point of communication between Students and University. Through the distance learning software in IFW ERP, the University and Colleges can manage all its centres and corresponding information related to student enrolments, conducting exams etc. This distance learning software in IFW ERP saves a lot of expenses on couriers and telephonic communications and makes the decision making smooth and fast.

Module Highlights

  • Students can choose their own learning centre and exam centre through the distance learning software in IFW ERP.
  • Students can collect study Material from the respective Learning Centers by booking them through distance learning software in IFW ERP.
  • The concept of distance learning is growing very fast in India and this distance learning module has been designed to satisfy that need.
  • The distance learning software in IFW ERP results in a bridge between the university and their student who is sitting at the home, office or anywhere in the world.
  • The distance learning software in IFW ERP provides universities and colleges a platform to manage the complete supply chain in this system of network centres, learning centres, exam centres, publishers and other vendors etc.
IFW Campus ERP

How It's Helpful

  • Distance Learning software in IFW ERP provides a platform for students to pursue any course through distance/correspondence from any university.
  • If any university provides the facility of Distance Learning, then it can create a huge network centre, learning centres and exam centres.
  • This distance learning software in IFW ERP also provides fresh and course continuation form filling facilities.
  • Question papers will be uploaded by the university on the distance learning module and from there they can be downloaded by respective students.
  • The distance learning software in IFW ERP maintains the complete supply chain of Publishers and other vendors.

USPs of Distance Learning Module In IFW ERP

  • The distance learning module is designed to allow students to pursue some courses through correspondence.
  • Distance learning software in IFW ERP facilitates easy and smooth communication between students, university and various centres.
  • Study Materials can be published and received by respective users, very easily through distance learning software in IFW ERP.

To conclude, IFW ERP is the best College ERP and University ERP system you will ever find for your college or university. We have highly qualified and expert developers in our company who work relentlessly to provide you with the best services possible. We ensure you that this College ERP software and University ERP software will resolve all your problems that too digitally without a lot of personal efforts.

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