DRR & Task

Increase Accountability

This Module of DRR (Daily Report Register) and Task Management in IFW Campus ERP 2.0 will help you to define any kind of task for your staff members in a calendar view format.

Also, you can adopt the policy of Compulsory DRR for your staff so that you can have a day with reporting of Academic or Non Academic tasks performed by them every day. This concept will help you to replace the manual Teachers Diary etc. and will help you to make staff more accountable. This concept is more used in IT and Industrial sector, but we implemented it in Education and our clients loved it.

IFW Campus ERP

Module Highlights

  • Daily Reporting of Staff can be managed effectively here.
  • Daily Task allotment to Teaching or Non-Teaching Staff can be managed here.
  • Analysis of Daily Activities and given / done Tasks can be evaluated here.
  • A quick two way communication can be maintained for the tasks given and done thus saving a lot of time in long discussions and meetings on them.
IFW Campus ERP