• 3 reasons why you should not delay implementing ERP
    07 Jul., 2022 (ERP)

    Only a business owner understands the need for ERP. Here are the three reasons why you should not delay implementing ERP? If you are looking forward to take your business to the next level. This blog is then definitely for you.  First of all, you need to understand that a business takes multiple

  • Why are ERP systems important to organizations?
    07 Jul., 2022 (ERP)

    ERP systems have revolutionized the digital market and maintenance for the past 60 years. The adoption rate of ERP systems has been increasing day by day. Organizations and businesses are now aware of the importance of ERP and trying their best to implement it within their organizations. ERP expa

  • Why is ERP software important for schools and organizations?
    07 Jul., 2022 (ERP)

    One of the decade's most challenging jobs is connecting schools and organizations via a network. This is so because the EdTech staff is not much aware of the technologies and software available in the market for them. EdTech expands for Educational Technology. Managing data is another challenge in

  • Outcome Based Learning with IFW Campus ERP 2.0
    28 Jun., 2021 (ERP)

    Outcome based learning or Outcome based education is a student centric program which focuses on the analysis/ outcome of the performance of students at every step. It aims to maximize the learning outcomes of the student by developing knowledge and skills required to face the challenges of the com

  • How IFW Campus ERP helps in NAAC accreditation, AICTE & UGC Inspections.
    28 Jun., 2021 (ERP)

    Every higher education institution in India goes through NAAC Accreditations / AICTE / UGC Inspections and many other national and state body visits and assessments. The inspections are strict and regulatory. The institutions are required to follow all the standards set by these bodies for it’

  • Learning Management System with IFW Campus ERP 2.0
    28 Jun., 2021 (ERP)

    A Learning Management System (LMS) is basically a software which facilitates automation of the academic process. LMS is used to deliver, administer and track the learning process in any Institute. Therefore, it is a framework that handles all the aspects of the learning process under a software

  • Best University ERP in India
    21 Nov., 2020 (ERP)

    Don’t pay anymore gateway costs! IFW Campus ERP 2.0 will now help you to automate the needs that you want on your campus. Our team works with the Best University ERP in India and provides the services as per the requirements. Implementation of ERP in Universities will reduce on-site activity cost,

  • Best College ERP in India
    21 Nov., 2020 (ERP)

    In times where technology advancement is rapid, educational institutions like colleges strive to improve their management systems. We, IFW Campus ERP are the Best College ERP in India. Our ERP 2.0 is an advanced management system suited for all educational institutes in Udaipur. With our Best Coll

  • Best School ERP in India
    19 Nov., 2020 (ERP)

    With the beginning of the digital era, we “IFW Campus ERP” the Best School ERP in India provides you an advanced education system in Udaipur. In today’s time, Best School ERP in India is the next stop where you can invest to get all the solutions for the resources and planning within the organiza