Feedback on Faculty

Criticism is Healthy

Online but with secrecy Feedback on Faculty by Students and Peers is performed in this module of Feedback on Faculty in IFW ERP.

Online but with secrecy feedback on faculty is submitted by students and peers in this module of feedback collection software in IFW ERP. The criteria and questions can be framed by the institute. Quick and easy analysis of these Feedback tests can be generated for evaluation on Faculty. In many Universities, this is a compulsory activity these days as per the guidelines defined by them.

Module Highlights

  • Student's Feedback on Faculty can be a great way to analyse the performance of your staff.
  • You can decide the different questions/ parameters and criteria on which you want the students to rate the staff through feedback collection software in IFW ERP.
  • This activity can be kept completely autonomous if needed so that student’s identity can be kept safe.
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How It's Helpful

  • Feedback collection software in IFW ERP provides a platform for students to rank their subject teachers on different parameters. The parameters are defined by the institute in order to analyse the class performance of their teaching staff.
  • This feedback process conducted through feedback collection software in IFW ERP gives a complete analysis of faculty performance on various parameters and that too digitally.

    Various reports of feedback collection software in IFW ERP gives the detail about average faculty ranks for different subjects as well as their relevant percentage.

USPs of feedback collection software in IFW ERP

  • Institutes are free to define the parameters or criteria accordingly on which the feedback will be given.
  • These activities of taking feedback from the students through ERP helps the institutes to monitor the faculties performance.

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