Your Anywhere Anytime Books

This module of E-Library in IFW ERP provides you an online platform to give the students shortlisted and verified digital content in the forms of Word or Excel Documents, PDF Files, Videos, Post Articles etc. for various topics and courses running in your University / College .

The students will be able to get access to a world of knowledge by accessing not only the content for the courses in which they are enrolled but also for other courses in your campus. Now Faculty can share with the students documents and notes made by them and also that they want the students to see from the best content available online from anywhere in the world. You can give your students content from IITs, MITs etc. also which is freely available online.

IFW Campus ERP

Module Highlights

  • This module allows you to keep a digital collection of PDFs, Videos, Word Documents etc. for your students and staff members on various topics and courses.
  • This collection gets enhanced year by year thus becoming a huge asset of learning resources for all your students and staff.
  • This data can be shared with all the students and staff of your institution irrespective of the college/courses they are in.
IFW Campus ERP