Express Yourself !

Blog writing is one of the best way of expression for one's thoughts, ideas and opinions.

The Blog Module in IFW Campus ERP 2.0 helps all the stakeholders of your institution like Students, Staff, Parents, Alumni etc. to submit Blog articles with photographs, videos and attractive titles which can be read by all. These Blogs can be shared on social media which gives a wider reach and audience to these writings. Genuine appreciation for these Blogs in comments will give great motivation to the authors. All this will happen on the platform of your institution which is a great brand building activity for you.

IFW Campus ERP

Module Highlights

  • Blog is a great way of giving your Staff and Students a platform to express their views.
  • Blog is a great way to share your views and information with the outside world without any restriction.
  • Blogging is a great way of improving creativity and writing skills.
IFW Campus ERP