The first thing that our Team knows is that once you are a client then you are a part of our family. Also, we believe that we are the IT Partners of our clients and we work with you mutually for a common purpose of excellence in education for the development of future generations. We are currently a team of more than 30 full time dedicated, experienced and expert professionals. We are a spirited Team who are available at your Service and who love this application as much as you love your institution. As more & more Colleges & Universities all over the world fall in love with IFW ERP, we will consider us successful in this journey of a lifetime.


When we say IFW ERP Team, we mean a group of small teams working together to give our ERP clients a world class experience. IFW ERP Clients of various Colleges and Universities are served by the following wings of our ERP Team:

ERP Development Team

The development team comprises of Project Managers, Programmers, Data Base Designers & Testers. We have trained people who keep up quality assurance levels and makes sure that the ERP is user friendly error free when it reaches the client side. The development team not only makes new modules for the ERP but also enhances and customizes the existing modules of ERP as per the requirements of our Clients.

On Site ERP Implementation Team

Our ERP Implementation Engineers who visits at client campuses are especially trained not only for the technical aspects of ERP Implementations but also they have the soft skills to create a good impression on the staff of the institute who undergoes training with them. They make sure that the management feels comfortable in getting the ERP implemented. The ERP Implementation team keeps pace and patience with the learning speed of the staff and helps them in all possible ways to become friendly with the ERP working.

ERP Support Cell

For handling the huge clientele of our prestigious clients we maintain a prompt team of Technical support executives who make sure that all clients are able us get immediate response to all there queries. The Support team also takes care of the new requirements and customization requests given by our clients as per the new changes in education sector. The Support team delivers these processes to the development team and gets it done for the clients. The communication with our clients is managed on emails, on phone, on Live Chat Messengers and the robust online Support Tickets system of IFW.

Work Culture

A vibrant work culture greets each employee at IFW. Every individual in the organization is a vital cog that keeps the wheel turning. Our work culture reflects our values. Team work, passion and creativity are abound in IFW right from Top management to a newly recruited Trainee; we think, act and deliver as a single team, to achieve common goals. We encourage innovation at every step and place. This unlimited creativity helps us find newer ways and means of achieving our goals. And everyone is totally charged with the passion of achieving our goals, come what may. However, all this would not be possible without the extraordinary work environment that we have created, nurtured and maintained over years. We make it a truly enjoyable and rewarding experience for all our staff.

Technical Expertise

To have achieved this high level of trust and comfort with our clients, our exceptional standing from amongst our contemporaries and the recognition, the credit goes to the matchless effort put in by each individual at every level of the hierarchy; be it a project manager or graphics designer. The pivotal point of our corporation is "team work". We offer our technical expertise in Microsoft .net environment, Adobe designing and editing software and in open source world too.

Our Other Teammates

As Company we also have separate wings and teams dedicated into the segments of Digital Marketing, Website Development and other consulting businesses.

At IFW Techno Creations, we employ the best through a vigorous recruitment process, eliminating candidates at each step and eventually hire dynamic and enthusiastic professionals who are highly educated, focused, committed and dedicated to meet the increasing requirements of our wide range of clients across the globe. With hands-on experience in Digital Marketing, web-based applications, off-shore software development, e-commerce solutions, our highly motivated team of web designers, graphic designers, programmers and content writers combine cutting edge technologies with striking graphics and rich content to make your website stand apart from others. Human Resource is our most valuable asset. We see our employees as our partners in success. Because we believe only a strong team can drive an organization's growth. We have on our team some of the best brains in the industry, with rich experience and expertise in their areas of specialization.