News & Downloads

Let's stay Updated

All day to day news or activities happening in your campus can be shared with all through News Module.

The downloads section helps you to upload all kinds of important documents in different formats for the Students, Staff or Parents etc. This will act as a collection of all kinds of formats and important documents that your Students, Staff or Parents will need from you. Any new News or Download item will be notified to all members via E-Mail, SMS and Notifications.

IFW Campus ERP

Module Highlights

  • Summarized or Detailed News with Photographs and write-up can be added in the News Section.
  • Uploading of all documents and notices etc. for all Students and Staff can be done in Download Section.
  • The News and Downloaded documents uploaded here can be directly seen on the Website and Mobile App.
  • This module is designed in such a way that you do not need to upload the same information on different places again and again.
IFW Campus ERP