• ERP Implementation in College or University is not expensive any more... !
    16 Nov., 2019 (ERP)

      With the wave of cloud-based pay for what you want to use model of ERP solutions like IFW Campus ERP 2.0, now ERP Implementation in College or University is not expensive anymore. Mentioned under are some of the reasons for the same : 1. Buy only what you want to Automate in your Campus: If you ne

  • 10 Reasons why your Organization needs an ERP System
    07 Oct., 2019 (ERP)

    There are a lot of paper-work done in a college or university, which takes too much time and lots of manual workloads. Manual work also affects the efficiency level, that is why one should implement an ERP system for their organization for better workflow and management. Check the below points th

  • Effective Admission Management in your College and University
    13 Aug., 2018 (ERP)

    Every year lot of student takes admissions in various colleges for their higher educational needs. Admission season from a college management’s perspective is a vital period to grow the institution. The admission process involves marketing, promotion, inquiry generation, follow-ups, conversion etc

  • Why your College or University “BADLY” Needs an ERP ?
    13 Aug., 2018 (ERP)

    This article is addressed especially for the Chairman, Principals, Directors of Colleges & Universities. No one has the same amount of passion and love towards your institutions than you people. You have the experience and expertise and you know very well what’s best for your institutions. Many of

  • 10 Quick Tips for a Quick ERP Implementation
    10 Aug., 2018 (ERP)

    1. Know why you are implementing the ERP : Every organization has different reasons and needs for an ERP. In a College or University, you might be needing the ERP to have better control over your academic process or you might be needing an ERP to make your financial management more effective. Like

  • 5 Things that makes a campus an Ideal University or College Campus ?
    10 Aug., 2018 (ERP)

    No. 1 - Campus Culture Culture is a very broad term. Culture encompasses values and behaviours that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of your College or University campus. Culture includes an institute’s expectations, experiences, philosophy, as well as the values that

  • Best Practices in Academic Libraries in India: A Study
    10 Aug., 2018 (ERP)

    ODLIS (Online Dictionary of Library and Information Science) describes best practices as follows: “In the application of theory to real-life situations, procedures that, when properly, applied consistently yield superior results and are therefore used as reference points in evaluation of the effec

  • Top 10 reasons : Why you should migrate from your old ERP to IFW Campus ERP 2.0 ?
    07 Aug., 2018 (ERP)

    1. Cloud Based : IFW Campus ERP 2.0 is a 100 % Browser or Web Based ERP System. It run smoothly from your online hosted / Cloud or offline in campus / Private Cloud servers. You don't need any installations anywhere else. This will save a lot of your time and resources. 2. Multi-Device Compatible

  • 5 Frequently Asked Questions by Colleges/ Universities to us for "IFW Campus ERP"
    30 Jul., 2018 (ERP)

    Q1: What is your methodology for providing training to our staff members? A1: First of all we make the staff believe that they are already experts of the departments they are handling and responsibilities they have in your organization, the ERP is just to help them in making work faster and quick